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9 year old dd still bedwetting - any advice??

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AmericanPastoral Mon 15-Aug-16 01:48:01

My 9 year old dd is not dry at night. She wears night pants and on occasion has wet the bed whilst wearing them. There might be one or two nights in the week when she is dry but that's about it. It seems as though enuresis alarms have a good success rate - has anyone tried them? Her 6 year old - much lighter sleeping - sister shares a room and I'm concerned that that dd2 might be woken up by the alarm. We have tried to stop her drinking after 6pm but have found it difficult to stick to this, especially during the holidays when everything seems to happen later. If anyone has any other advice I would be very grateful.

soupmaker Wed 17-Aug-16 10:18:54

Hi. Our DD1 who is 8 has only become dry at night recently. We were on the verge of getting an alarm.

She takes medication for chronic constipation and irritable bladder, has done since 4. So we were led by her when it came to nighttime. She very rarely had a dry night but asked to stop wearing pull ups. So we went for it. We always woke her up for a wee when we went to bed for a couple of months and then we forgot and she was still dry in the morning! We had a few very wet beds but not nearly as much as I'd anticipated.

I'd always been resistant to getting get up to do a wee while she was sleeping, but it's worked for us.

glintwithpersperation Wed 17-Aug-16 10:25:28

Have you taken her to the doctor? There are physical reasons which may need to be investigated and if all fine they can refer to enuresis nurse.

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