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Daughters dehaviour

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Crawf2002 Sun 14-Aug-16 21:40:32

Hi looking for some advice have DS 12 yrs DD 8 yrs and DD 8 months. It's my DD 8 year old her behaviour is spiralling out of control DH and myself unsure as to how to move forward. Life is a constant battle with her our days go dependent on her mood when she wakes in the morning. I've spent most of today in tears. We love her very much and she is told this frequently and I know there's a large age gap between her and baby but she adores her DS and I've asked her numerous times why'd she's behaving the way she is and is it due to baby she's said no she loves her sister. I'm aware my time is more occupied with baby. Nothing enough for DD and she's became rude and her behaviour in public is embarrassing shouting and winging when we're out . Even play dates have became a problem she acts like a diva I had to cancel friend last week as she constantly embarrasses and upsets me. Is it hormones need some advice 😪

Ineededtonamechange Sun 14-Aug-16 21:54:33

Could well be hormones....

Does she ever tell you why she is behaving like she is? Maybe have her write you a letter, or if you can, spend some one on one time with her - give her some focused attention without baby there - a girly shopping trip for the new school year or something. (not spoiling her - just a couple of nice bits for next year if you can afford it!)

Have a chat to her over a grown up lunch - nothing demanding - just tell her you are a bit worried because she doesn't seem happy and you love to be able to help her be happier? talk about her feelings when she throws a tantrum, see if you can get to the bottom of it.

Hopefully talking to her without of these mood swings (when she is feeling ok) - might get to the bottom of it. Also a change of scene might help to open up.

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