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Does anyone do baby signing? What is my DD saying?

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Velodromedary Sun 14-Aug-16 19:26:22

I have noticed DD (18mo) often makes what looks like a sign when we're talking about nursery or her friends there. She holds out one hand, and taps the palm with the index finger or finger and thumb of her other hand. Does this mean something?

Missgraeme Sun 14-Aug-16 19:30:17

U need to start watching Mr Tumble!! My nearly 2year old knows lots of signs! Can't think of one that u are talking about off hand tho!

BusStopBetty Sun 14-Aug-16 19:34:01

Just the index figure could be the sign for the letter L? More also involves tapping one hand on the other, I think?

Blueemeraldagain Sun 14-Aug-16 19:38:36

I think it's a simplified version of "more". That is usually making a fist and tapping it on top with your other hand but I have heard of nurseries using an open palm/finger as an easier version.

windygales Sun 14-Aug-16 19:45:05

Yes I thought 'more'

TheChippendenSpook Sun 14-Aug-16 19:48:26

Could it be 'round and and round the garden, like a teddy bear'?

Maybe they do that with her at nursery.

RandomMess Sun 14-Aug-16 19:49:34

I reckon "more"

DD2 used it when she was hungry!

Velodromedary Sun 14-Aug-16 19:56:00

Aha yes I think it probably is 'more'! We're normally chatting as she eats in her highchair so it sounds likely. Thank you!

FusionChefGeoff Sun 14-Aug-16 19:59:13

Definitely more! My DD is almost verbal now but she still signs that as well as saying it just to make sure I've absolutely understood she wants more food!!!

RandomMess Sun 14-Aug-16 20:09:37

It was DDs first "sentence" - we all knew her sign for more, one day at the childminder who was asking DD as she was rather confused "more what" she crawled over to the highchair and signed "more".

It was only 11am!!! She always has like her food...

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