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11mo will only take bottle from me.

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mountaingirl01 Sun 14-Aug-16 15:25:44

My 11mo daughter was bf till 7m then mix fed and is now on 1 bf in the morning then formula for the rest of the day. She has just started settling in sessions at nursery and it seems she won't drink a bottle if it is given by them. We have tried this weekend to persuade her into having one from dh but she not only refuses, she gets hysterical. Any ideas? I guess if she doesn't have formula at nursery it's not the end of the world, she will still have 2 feeds a day and we give plenty of (non dairy) alternatives. But it also means I can't go and leave her overnight which I was hoping to do for my birthday, and it maked it harder for me to leave her with dh fora day which I was hoping to start to do to get some time on my own after I have started work again.

Flisspaps Sun 14-Aug-16 15:36:37

To me it wouldn't be an issue, as by 1yo she can have cows milk instead of BM/formula and the bulk of her meals should be normal food anyway.

If you really wanted to leave her overnight you could - she'll either take the bottle eventually or just go without until she has 'proper' breakfast the following day!

mountaingirl01 Sun 14-Aug-16 16:10:21

She can't drink cows milk as she is dairy intolerant and the most nutritious alternative is the formula (iyswim). I know she can go without over night, but I don't really fancy leaving her if I know it's going to be a battle to get her to bed for my mum and a upsetting experience for baby!

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