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My 3 year old DS is driving me nuts....

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hrtbigbutt Fri 12-Aug-16 08:38:23

Help !!!
My DS is 3.5 and is a right little hand full, bedtimes are a nightmare, as are family visits and days out. The only time I feel he is ok, it is just me and him. It is exhausting.
I am no new Mum ds is my 4th bundle of joy, however there is a big age gap between ds1 (25) and ds3 (3) I know I was 20 years younger but with 2 toddlers I still don't recall things been this bloody hard!!!!

He won't sleep unless he wants to, regardless of time, he called a boy "poo head" when we were waiting in line for The Deep, then proceeded to bite Daddy's hand until it bled. And the constant screeching and screaming is unbearable. I am posting after having 4 hours sleep with him, sleeping on a cot mattress on the floor as he decided his bedroom was boring, I allowed him to scream etc until about 4am before I gave in as the blood curdling screams were annoying my whole block.

He is due to start nursery in Sept I am praying for some relief.

Tips, Advise, Help please .

Candycandle Fri 12-Aug-16 10:51:14

I also have problems with a three year old boy that is a bit too much. He screeches all the time and is constantly needing to be told off. He went to nursery and they put him with a key worker. Nursery helps but I'm afraid it's not a cure all. sad I really hope your LO calms down soon

snook1 Fri 12-Aug-16 11:02:50

Hi, I feel your pain. My almost 4 year old DD has been driving me crazy. She was really starting to come good and her behaviour was seriously improving over the last few months (after a full year of terror) but now I think she is having a growth spurt and has regressed to full toddler monster when she is tired. It's exhausting and right now I feel like crying (into my wine glass). She sets off my 7 year old and I feel like is a screaming banshee most of the time. I dread to think what my neighbours think of me. I am really hoping she grows out of it, but being the task master ALL the time is just horrible. My only tip is that between 2.5 and 3.5 for me has been awfully hard with DD (I never had these issues with DS) but as she is growing up I can see changes. It just makes me sad that I feel like I am wishing away this time in her childhood as I am really not enjoying it right now.

TheABC Fri 12-Aug-16 11:24:49

Another one here. We do a lot of walking to wear him out and stuff him with food (hunger tantrums are awful). I am struggling at the moment as he is constantly demanding attention and I am breastfeeding his baby sister. Roll on September (and nursery).

hrtbigbutt Fri 12-Aug-16 20:16:44

Thanks Ladies, we managed a birthday party with no major incident so feeling relieved, I wonder if the three's have overtaken the terrible two's??

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