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Discipline for a 16 month old?

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Dandelionandfizz Wed 10-Aug-16 08:51:47

DS is 16mo and DN is 12mo, I look after my nephew every day and unfortunately DS has started to push DN and try and hit him over the head with toys.

I try and intervene before it happens but it's not always obvious it's about to happen and I'm not sat with them 24/7.

I really don't know what to do because when I just move him away he laughs. Like he has no idea he's done something wrong. I give lots of cuddles and attention to DN so it's not like the behaviour gets him any attention.

So now I've started putting him in his crib when he does it and telling him firmly off. But he's still doing it. What would you do?

SpeakNoWords Wed 10-Aug-16 09:36:45

Just keep doing what you're doing and he will eventually get there. It's just a matter of repetition at this age, tbh. Make sure you praise his behaviour if he is gentle or kind to the little one. If you're not already, I would remove any toy that he uses to bash with? for a while.

Dandelionandfizz Wed 10-Aug-16 12:20:37

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately he uses anything that's around (hairbrush, duplo, tv remote) but he doesn't hit with an object very often and I can usually intervene. It's good to know I'm on the right track though smile

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