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Biting baby

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OFRMmummy Mon 08-Aug-16 19:50:07

Any advice taken...

My ds is 13 months old and has been at nursery 3 days a week since he was 10 months old. He's of course wonderful and amazing and perfect... however... We cannot stop him biting. He's an only child so gets all the attention he wants/needs at home but has been biting us for the last few months and at nursery too. We have the same approach at both home and nursery, put down if carrying and take away from the situation if not, a hand gesture to a show stop and a verbal no, while also explaining that it hurts mummy/daddy/our friends.

While we can forgive we're incredibly concerned about the other babies and also the why. We haven't figured out what the trigger is and neither have nursery, he's been observed by his carers and the managers. They've even expressed a number of times how happy and settled he is and that when the incidents happen its often for no reason they can understand- he may have the attention of staff, isn't being asked to share, not hungry or tired, isn't crowded or any of the other things associated with biting.

I've tried to set out the full situation here but will take more questions. We're not sure what to do as a lot of the advice is aimed at toddlers and we're not even there yet.

Any advice??

VertdeTerre Mon 08-Aug-16 20:12:50

At that age, and if he's happy and settled when doing it, it might be a misplaced way of expressing affection. You could try saying no to the biting and showing him kissing instead?

OFRMmummy Mon 08-Aug-16 20:17:50

Thank you! Although I thought I'd covered all bases I clearly haven't... at nursery they can't see the trigger and has never bitten to show frustration or anger. With us he can get frustrated which I know is normal for a baby his age and sometimes the bite is in frustration. He comes and kisses us too so I think he knows the difference.

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