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Suddenly developed tic?

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feekerry Mon 08-Aug-16 19:48:15

My ds is 2.5yrs. On sat morning he started sniffing constantly. Started asking him what's wrong with your nose etc but he doesn't seem to know he is doing it. Only happens when he is watching tv or doing something quiet but when he does it, it's constant!!
This has lasted all weekend and have tried to ignore it but today the sniffing has got better but he has started blinking/head snatching instead?! Again only when he not engaged in something. He doesn't seem to know he is doing it...
What's going on?? Anyone had this?

AlwaysawakeFsake Wed 10-Aug-16 08:00:23

Hi FeeKerry, could be something new that he's picked up a habit of doing or it may be a reaction to something. Anything new happen days before this started?

acsec Wed 10-Aug-16 08:07:53

DSS is now 12 and he's had a range of tics throughout the years, from picking his nose until it bled, clearing his throat, blinking repeatedly and sniffing. I've found they often come on towards the end of the school year/ end of summer holidays when there's a change afoot. It's really difficult but we had to ignore as pointing it out made it worse and he isn't aware he's doing anything.

Has something changed for your DS recently - moved up into an older nursery room or something?

Tippytoes13 Sun 14-Aug-16 22:58:28

My DS10 has had tics since he was 2, it started with him blinking his eyes repeatedly, he's had all different vocal and motor tics over the years, we've just accepted it as part of him. It's worse when he's playing a computer game, or watching TV. It's best to just ignore it, it's quite common for children to get tics, it's a hereditary gene in my family. Things that make it worse for my son are tiredness, stress, anxiety, it normally gets worse when he goes back to school.

feekerry Wed 17-Aug-16 19:48:47

No nothing new going on... Well he is starting to drop his nap and his speech has gone on another level so maybe it's all linked.
He also picks his nose a lot and I've noticed he doesn't do it since these tics have started so maybe the nose picking was a type of tic too. Definitely much worse when tired.
The sniffing seems less now this week as does the head snatching so we just have some blinking...
Spoke to the gp as was already booked in for something else and he said totally common and normal for kids of that age, just a response to something changing in their brains and to totally ignore it as he won't know he is doing it. He said they would only become a little concerned if he started involuntary jerking of limbs etc and it was upsetting him.
Thanks all x

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