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Help! Baby with diarrhoea

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EmmaRoseMcGrath Sun 07-Aug-16 09:56:55

Hi all,

I am a first time mum and would appreciate some advice please.

My four month old daughter has had diarrhoea for about a week now, I have taken her to A&E and the GP and both have suggested that we keep her fluids up and wait for the diarrhoea to pass; however after 6 days things are not getting any better.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Or can anyone suggest any remedies that have worked for their little ones?

Many thanks!

jimijack Sun 07-Aug-16 10:03:44

You have been given good advice.

Things to consider with babies with diarrhoea:
Are you getting wet nappies in between diarrhea nappies?
Is your baby playfully, awake, aware or drowsy/sleepy allot?
Any fever?
Is baby taking fluids ok?

orangebird69 Sun 07-Aug-16 10:04:48

What colour is the poo and are you bfing or ffing?

EmmaRoseMcGrath Sun 07-Aug-16 10:32:55

Hi, thanks for responding.

She is her normal happy little self and isn't sleeping excessively. She isn't eating as well as normal (we bottle feed with Aptamil Comfort)

We are getting wet nappies, that come in yellow and green.

What are your thoughts on trying a different formula?

Many thanks

LotisBlue Sun 07-Aug-16 10:42:56

My baby had this when he was six months (a couple of months ago). He had it for about a week and the doctor gave me the same advice - make sure that he is not dehydrated and wait it out.

I think I would assume it is a tummy bug of some kind. I wouldn't change her milk - I would worry that a change of food could aggravate her tummy just as she is starting to recover.

Do you give her water as well as her formula?

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