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3 year old what and why driving me INSANE

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puglife15 Thu 04-Aug-16 18:23:29

3.5 year old DS says either what or why after every single thing I say apart from would you like a biscuit to which he will say yes.

He's been doing this for months and months and it's driving me fucking insane.

I'm sure his hearing is fine, as if I ignore the what he will often eventually answer showing he heard the original statement/question. He isn't really interested in why about 98% of the time either.

I was stressed today, baby was screaming and I ended up shouting at him to stop saying why and threatening to send him to bed if he continued which is very unlike me but he was making me seriously Stabby.

Any tips on how to deal with it? It must have been at least 7/8 months now.

philosophicmum Thu 04-Aug-16 21:55:47

I wish I knew! My 3.5yo is the same and has been for months as well, he's driving me absolutely insane too. And he's not interested in the answer either. He just wants me to talk to him all the time and every time I stop talking to him he throws in a Why or a What to keep me going. I have no solution except gin but I completely sympathise.

wobblywonderwoman Thu 04-Aug-16 22:01:53

I think its their age.. Mine is nearly three and whys that mummy.. Hold book this way mummy (so I move the story book to every angle I can and nope - move book mummy)
I have one turning two two as well so I can see this being a feature of my life for at least 18 months ...

Iworrytoomuch Thu 04-Aug-16 22:04:30

My son was like this his was for attention (just had a baby involved him in everything though) or he may be board?! This age they question everything because they're learning at a fast pace. Either ignore it or try a different approach to it, my gran once told me boys are like dogs they need walking twice a day and 30 minuets of you attention

Msqueen33 Thu 04-Aug-16 22:07:53

On the other side my dd is three and a half and cannot talk. At all. This might keep you sane in the 'why' moments. My seven year old however talks incessantly to the point I tune out while she rambles on. As lovely as she is I cannot bear to talk about the monster high characters again.

philosophicmum Thu 04-Aug-16 22:52:13

msqueen, I do understand that - my DS1 is 10yo and completely non-verbal. I was so thrilled when DS2 started talking, and I feel like an idiot for getting so annoyed when he respond to literally everything I say with 'why?' But it drives me up the wall all the same.

MillicentKing Thu 04-Aug-16 23:03:08

Reply "that is not a why question" and quickly move on.

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