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19 week ds going mental in the evening

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GipsyDanger Wed 03-Aug-16 20:39:38

Hello! Just looking for advice to see if this is normal. Ds for the past couple of weeks has been sleeping really well, goes down about 9.30 and up at 7am, he's always been a good sleeper. The past couple of nights he has been going loco up to his bedtime, so from about 7pm till he goes to sleep. Arching and screaming, it's like he's had 20 cans of red bull, he's very excitable, smiling one minute, crying the next. If we put him down he starts with the scream/ arching, kicking his feet until we pick him up. He will settle down eventually but is this normal

Chocness Tue 23-Aug-16 22:04:40

Hi, no expert here but it sounds like he either has bad wind or reflux. My DS had both and we experienced something similar. His reflux wasn't bad thank goodness, we tipped the head of his cot up slightly which helped enormously. For the wind we moved him on to dr brown bottles which sorted that to some degree. Eventually the wind wasn't an issue, he learnt how to deal with it if you know what I mean!

strawberrybubblegum Wed 24-Aug-16 18:51:48

The hour before bedtime is often called the witching hour! Yes, this is very normal - they go utterly nuts just before bedtime due to being overtired. (I know it doesn't look like tiredness!)

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