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3 year old - incredibly shy - TIPS

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Sofie88 Sat 30-Jul-16 13:45:34

Hi all,

So my 3yo is really really shy. He's just completed his first year at preschool and only started talking a couple sentences to his teachers in his last week. At home and with people he knows he's a chatterbox so I know that his speech and understanding is not a problem.
In September he'll go back to preschool for his last year and they have different teachers and it will be In a different class. I'm worried he won't speak to them either.... His current teachers have struggled to fill in his development paperwork (so others know what age he's at etc) as he doesn't talk to them? It really frustrates me as I know he's got a good vocabulary and understanding.
Has anyone been in similar situations and can offer tips to improve his confidence??

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