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Baby and Grandma help!

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FirstTimerAtBeingAMummy Wed 27-Jul-16 16:45:06

My DD is almost 15 weeks old. She is such a happy little girl, always smiling for me and her Dad. She is our only child. My problem is that whenever she goes to my mother, her Grandma, she just starts screaming crying. I don't know what it is or why! She sees her every week sometimes 4 or 5 times but it's not getting any better. My mom is meant to be looking after my DD when I go back to work in December...... I'm dreading it. DD isn't like it with anyone else. Does anyone have any advice or tips that I could try to try and help stop this?
Thanks in advance.

VioletBam Thu 28-Jul-16 04:40:15

Oh my younger DD HATED my MIL at first. She loves her now. It's just some odd thing...who knows why they do it. She will get over it though.

suspiciousofgoldfish Thu 28-Jul-16 12:52:35

What does your mum look like?

Just kidding!

This is very normal, babies don't tend to like being with anyone else other than their mum. Keep doing what you're doing with the regular visits to grandmas and it will pass.

She'll be fine by December, don't worry.

Does your DD spend time with anyone else? It might do her good to get used to spending time away from you occasionally.

But like I said, totally normal behaviour in my unqualified opinion.

FirstTimerAtBeingAMummy Thu 28-Jul-16 13:08:58

Thanks both.
It tends to be me and my DD and her dad most days. But every week we visit grandparents, uncles, cousins etc. She's find with others. Just seems to be my mom. She's not too scary looking I don't think lol!!! Will keep trying and see how it goes. Hate it when she screams with tears though as she's never like it.

Ikeatears Thu 28-Jul-16 13:10:10

Does she wear glasses? My ds didn't like them. Also, could it be her perfume?

EmzDisco Thu 28-Jul-16 13:17:03

December is ages away in baby time scales! My 10 month old sometimes reacts to her poor grandparents as though they are terrifying monsters, but warms to them through the visit. And I'm sure she's be much more comfortable with them if she saw them more often.

I bet your DD will be fine by then.

Babies can be awkward like this I've found, will smile at perfect strangers then cry st their poor doting grandparent!

NarcyCow Thu 28-Jul-16 14:10:31

December is centuries away in baby terms. It'll be grand, don't be worrying : )

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