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8 month old inconsolable if I'm not there

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heatherb82 Wed 20-Jul-16 13:06:04

Can anyone help? I was on a rare night out last night (without baby or husband), but after a while I got a text from my husband to come home....apparently my son (who turns 8 months tomorrow) had woken up but was refusing to settle back to sleep again....he'd been crying his heart out for nearly 3 hours, was refusing a bottle, and apparently only wanted me (my husband took him downstairs at one point to distract him with CBeebies, but when my son looked over at where I normally sit and saw the seat was empty, he was inconsolable again). We've had nights out before and my son's always been OK with his grandparents, but I'm going to be out 3 nights a week from the beginning of September (unavoidable unfortunately), so we can't have my son having a total meltdown every time he wakes and I'm not there. He already has one of my tops in his cot with my scent on, but can anyone offer any other advice? He's even started crying and saying "mama" when my husband's holding him and I'm out of the's upsetting for everyone, so will this phase pass soon?!

Mimosa1 Wed 20-Jul-16 23:02:49

Didn't want to read and run although I'm afraid I don't have much practical advice. It is a phase though and he will grow out of it. I would hazard a guess that night wakings are worse than you leaving him for a bit during the day because he hasn't seen you leave and said byebye, ifyswim?

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