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Separation anxiety- 6yr old

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tino40 Mon 18-Jul-16 23:57:59

Hi, desperately seeking advice on how to deal with separation anxiety in a 6 yr old girl. My daughter has always been sensitive and never left my side at tots groups etc. We are now at age 6 and still staying at parties and having real upset at any new events- situations when her reaction is to run back to me or cling and cry. Recent example being total meltdown at her swimming lesson when the last session of term was 'fun' games instead of the usual lesson. I have tried reassurance, avoidance and mean mummy strategies but no joy. Any ideas??

bobby81 Tue 19-Jul-16 18:30:00

My dd is exactly the same (she's 5)
I have no idea how to increase her confidence & reduce her anxiety but will watch your post with interest in the hope someone has a bright idea we can try!!
I know I was the same at that age though so maybe it's in the genes!!

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