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21 month old and speech

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NapQueen Mon 18-Jul-16 11:59:20

Dc2 (ds) is 21mo and I don't know whether his speech is behind.

He can only say maybe four or five words clearly. He says another four or five unlcearly (a bystander would have no idea).

He does a lot of "wah" "huh" "meh" type noises.

If we say a word and he repeats it he just makes the noise/intonation we make. So if I say "say well done!" He will do his wah noises but to the same rhythm.

His comprehension is good. I can give him instructions and he goes and does. He remembers stuff we do regularly. He knows a good selection of animal noises.

He just doesn't really say proper words!

GrassW1dow Mon 18-Jul-16 13:00:19

sounds way more advanced than my DS who is almost 19mo. He doesn't say a single word. and I'm not sure he understands anything I say. But he seems very sociable and copies certain noises (e.g. ambulance sound, and silly sounds I do to him).
From the speech posts I've read on MN, I think your DS sounds completely normal!

NapQueen Mon 18-Jul-16 13:29:00

That is a relief! We don't have many other kids around us and none the same age. Dd is nearly 5 and her speech was amazing so I suppose I'm comparing a bit.

I just worry that he isn't saying enough and found a page online that said by 24 months kids ought to be saying more complex words like Crocodile or Dinosaur. DS can't even say bum!

GrassW1dow Mon 18-Jul-16 14:33:48

don't worry - i know the feeling of not being sure what's normal. DS is my only child, but am reassured to hear that his father apparently did naff all (walk/talk etc) till he was about 3...(there must be some exaggeration there, but still) and at 56 he is now very successful!

MeInHoney86 Mon 18-Jul-16 14:44:12

my 28m yo old was reffered to speech and language at 24m following his 2y check. his speech was similar to your dc, 5 or so odd words And a few animal noises . he had his apt a month later and she said not to worry is very common especially with boys. she gave me some tips to try with him..
-turning off the tv and radio to reduce background noise as some children find it hard to tune out these sounds.
-having dedicated tome to talk about what the dc is doing.
-repeating back words so "yes that is a car" when they point and make a noise at a car!
- not correcting as such but when dc says a word say it correctly After
- offering two choices "would you like an apple or a banana" then when they point say ohh you would like a banana!
will post more when i find the leaflet!
my son understands everything you say to him, and points out lots. his hearing is also fine (maybe get this checked?) . he communicates really well actually using a few odd words, but mostly pointing and signs he has created (like hand over his ears for noise). he is super layed back and not easily frustrated which probably doesnt help his speech move forward.
since his appointment with SALT he has learnt 5 more words and a couple more animal noises. they are phoning me for an update in September. she did say they don't generally intervene until 2 1/2.
I know its hard but try not to worry it will come! my dc1 was over 3before she spoke and she talks non stop now!

MeInHoney86 Mon 18-Jul-16 14:46:36

just noticed lack of capital letters! Dc1 has apparently altered the tablet settings blush
I just remembered she also said that some children can hear a word once or twice and have a go at repeating it, whilst others can take a hundred times to have a go.

MeInHoney86 Mon 18-Jul-16 14:49:46

here is the leaflet speech and language sent me..hopefully!

TheSkyesTheLimit Mon 18-Jul-16 14:50:32

Our 21 month old is exactly the same! Not even 5 words if I'm honest, but he understands what's being said and can make his feelings known! Strange how different they all are as our DD now 4 was singing twinkle twinkle little star beautifully at this age.

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