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How do I stop the climbing?!

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MyBreadIsEggy Sun 17-Jul-16 07:09:29

My Dd is 14 months old, and I'm 25 weeks pregnant with DC2.
Over the past few weeks, Dd seems to have an obsession with climbing all over me. She doesn't do it to anyone else, just me.
Every single time I try to sit down in the living room, she comes over, climbs up, plonks herself on my lap (facing me) for about 30 seconds, and then proceeds to sprawl all over me, pushing all her weight into my bump or boobs, or using bump or boobs as a leverage point to stand up.
It's getting to the point where it's hstarting to really hurt, and no matter what I try, she still does it!! I've tried telling her "no" and putting her back on the floor every time she does it, I've tried sitting on the floor instead of the sofa, I've tried removing her from my lap but letting her stay on the sofa next to me, I've tried moving her from my lap to her dad's, but his lap isn't the same apparently hmm and I've tried just not sitting down at all - which is getting increasingly more uncomfortable as my SPD gets worse as I get bigger.
It is constant. Every single time I try to sit down!!
What do I do?! She won't be able to do this when I've got a newborn baby!

Homebird8 Sun 17-Jul-16 07:32:37

Hard one this Eggy.

My DS was the same but very slightly older (18mo at the time). My mantra became "Mummy is not a climbing frame, Mummy is not a trampoline, Mummy is not a fireman's pole". I don't know that I cured it but I did remove shoes and encourage climbing frame and trampoline use when I could to burn off some energy.

At 14 mo you DD is probably too young to understand that it hurts or that baby might get squashed later on. I think you just have to be consistent in removing her gently and saying something like "Ouch" when she does it. Is there anyone you can ask to help by distracting her or giving you a chance for a sit down? You do need your rest even if she does want to join you in your skin.

MyBreadIsEggy Sun 17-Jul-16 07:53:00

Homebird I think that's why it's so frustrating - because she stop young to understand why I'm saying no!
I just wish she would climb on DH for once!!

Homebird8 Sun 17-Jul-16 07:56:59

What does he do when she is climbing on you? Some of the time he must be around.

Homebird8 Sun 17-Jul-16 07:58:51

Sorry, that sounded grumpy. It was more a thought about what happens when he's out at work as opposed to when he is home with you both.

MyBreadIsEggy Sun 17-Jul-16 08:07:17

When DH is at work, I just try to go with the "No, that hurts" and put her down, distract with toys/crayons/books etc.
When he is here, I still do that, he also will say "No, you'll hurt mummy" and removes her. He takes her to some toys or whatever, which does work for 5-10 mins, but then she tries to come back to me. If he tries to keep her at the other end of the room with the toys instead of letting her come and climb on me, a full on, kicking, screaming, flop-to-the-floor tantrum ensues 😫😫

Homebird8 Sun 17-Jul-16 10:41:43

Heavens Eggy, having a one year old is just exhausting. I think you're doing great. All you can do really. Be consistent, tell her no, give her some idea of hurt (ouch etc.). She's just a baby herself. There's no intent at that age to hurt or any understanding. She just wants to be close.

You sound like a lovely family and it's so exciting you'll be a bit bigger soon. (You, and then the family). Hard work with one little one, never mind two, but so worth it. My boys are the best of friends and love each other's company. Hope it's like that for you too.

MyBreadIsEggy Sun 17-Jul-16 11:15:20

Homebird That's definitely it I think - I just have to keep going with it and hopefully she will understand as she gets older!
You're right, at this age, she doesn't understand that things hurt, because she just wants to be close all the time!!
Baby boy is due in November, so we will have a 17 month age gap - I'm hoping Dd and DS will grow up together and be great friends like you're two!!

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