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Birthday party

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Coleen82 Fri 15-Jul-16 22:01:56

My daughter will be 4 next week and as its the day before my wedding her dad and i decided to give her a small party tomorrow but this evening she was being so naughty screaming refusing to move she punched me in the nose in the middle of the street. Itold her she was going straightto bed and couldn't take the teddy my mum had bought her for her birthday and said she couldn't have a party. But everything is organised i dont know whether to go ahead with the party or not. I have also had an allergic reaction to my anti depressants and had to stop taking them so feel overwhelmed. Any advice would be appreciated

VioletBam Sat 16-Jul-16 01:16:22

Oh God no you must let her have her party! 4 year olds do bad things at times...taking her teddy and no party is just mean.

Don't make threats you can't carry out. Of course your'e overwhelmed. Too much going on by the sound of it.

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