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Taking my daughters dummy away!?

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Jghl1234 Thu 14-Jul-16 11:31:49

We never wanted her to have a dummy but because she was taking more milk than she needed because she wanted conferrable we were forced to give her one.

She doesn't rely on it in the day she is very good without it in fact.

It's in the night she NEEDS it!

I was wondering what are the cons of a dummy??

Even though we made the desision not to give her one in the first place I don't actually no why?? Is it something to do with their teeth xx

Kalispera Thu 14-Jul-16 14:05:39

How old is she? If she's only using it at night I would SO not worry about it, if it means you all get sleep.

We only took ours away when the kids were old enough to understand the concept of the Dummy Fairy. I just didn't see the fuss about using one up until they're 2/3.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Thu 14-Jul-16 14:09:28

Yeah it can affect teeth alignment/speech.
DD1 had hers at bedtime until 2.5. Her sleep was so bad that even the HV said to keep it. When we finally got rid at 2.5 it was sooo easy as she was old enough to understand. The dummy fairy took them and bought her a present, not a single tear and she never asked again. DD2 was 8 months at the time and has a dummy and she didn't bother trying to use her sisters'.
DD2 is now 12 months and I'm toying with getting rid now. If I don't do it now I think it will be around the 2.5 mark again. She only had it for bed/naps (it lives in her cot)

AmyC86 Fri 15-Jul-16 22:27:24

One of my friends Sons is nearly 4 and still has the tummy full time. Its absolutely rediculus. He hardly eats anything from day to day due to him suppressing his appetite with the dummy. Theres full meltdowns if it gets taken away from him. He starts school in a few months. His speech is awful too, and his teeth are all out of line.

mzmum78 Sat 16-Jul-16 02:47:18

My daughter had one until she was almost 4 she was totally obsessed
We did the "dummy fairy" with about a month of discussing how she was going to come soon and take it away and give it to someone else
Bought a box from the pound store that she decorated and put the dummy inside/ that went in the post box and in the morning was replaced with a letter from the fairy and a koad of cheap tat presents from pound land
Expected a nightmare for ages - had tears night one - asked about it night two then finished with !
Good luck
Now I see miss the age she was with one and I think it looks terrible and can't believe I allowed it for so long!!

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