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Lying 8 year old

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twinkie81 Wed 13-Jul-16 22:04:04

My 8yo ds is a lovely young man, very polite, well mannered, model pupil etc but I cannot stop him lying and it's driving me up the wall. I went in to his room last Thursday night before I went to bed and he was hiding his DVD player in his bed watching a 15. He tried to deny he was watching it repeatedly even with it right there in front of him. As a result he lost his Friday film night. He was very apologetic and promised that I would be able to trust him in future Tonight I watch him charge and pack away his DS. He NEVER does this so my spidey senses were activated. Having looked in his DS bag, the charger was there, no DS. I looked in his bed, it wasn't there. I hoped I was wrong. When he was in bed, I asked him where his DS was, he told me he didn't know and that he'd definitely put it in his bag. This went on and on. Eventually he admitted he was sat on it. I asked where he had hidden it. He said it was in his bed the whole time. Again, this went on and on before he admitted where he had hidden it.
This is just the last in a long list of lying incidents. No punishment seems to have any effect. What can I do the make him realise that lying is wrong and he's going to get into more trouble for lying than for what he's done wrong in the first place!

WaffleOverload Wed 13-Jul-16 22:42:49

It's just a little phase. They all do it. I wouldn't bother punishing, just reiterate that lying is wrong and that you expect the truth.

It's not worth getting het up about

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