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DD 2 - stop it

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Marsis Sun 03-Jul-16 20:32:11

DD is 2 and generally lovely to be around, clever, funny happy little thing.

She currently has an issue with saying 'stop it' mainly to me but also to DP never heard it to anybody else and no reports from CM. she says when told off, when I ask her something. I feel it's rude/cheeky to speak in this way but obviously she isn't at an age to understand. It also is nearly always directed at me (even if DP is the one asking her to do something), she is going through a daddy phase now so that doesn't help either. I feel like I'm on the brunt of a lot of anger from her. I am trying to use re-direction rather than stop it but it's almost like a habit to fire 'Stop it' back when spoken to.

Any tips or good books for toddlers behaviour? I started how to speak so kids listen .. And playful Parenting but they both seem to be targeting older children.

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