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How to stop a biter???

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uhoh2016 Sun 03-Jul-16 10:43:00

Ds is 16mo and is a biter nobody is safe! My 2 older dc never bit once so I've no idea how to deal with it.
Ds was biten himself by another child a couple months ago at a soft play she made a beer line for him and literally tried to take a chunk out of his arm it was so bad he had teeth imprints on his arm for several days. I'm not sure it's linked could be a coincidence that he started to bite himself a few weeks later.
He thinks it's really funny when he's trying to bite, I say no sternly and move him away but not a clue what else to do I think he's too young to understand

Bottomchops Sun 03-Jul-16 10:44:10

A little pinch works wonders.

uhoh2016 Sun 03-Jul-16 10:50:06

Would that not make him start pinching though I don't want to replace 1 thing with another

doesntmatterwhoyouare Sun 03-Jul-16 10:54:51

At that age I just tickled them when I saw they were heading to start biting or tantruming. I know some teach lick instead but I find that a bit weird tbh.

A bit older (2ish) we started saying no biting /hitting etc and making them stop and say sorry (or give a hug when non verbal).

doesntmatterwhoyouare Sun 03-Jul-16 10:55:48

Also check if her first set of molars are coming through she may just want some teething toys.

minipie Mon 04-Jul-16 12:26:02

At this age I am not sure there is much you can do apart from supervising very closely and watching for the "lunge" so you can remove him before he bites. Obviously say no biting but it will take a while before he really understands this. And yes a teething toy/bib in case it's teeth related.

If it carries on when he is a bit older there are various things you can do - mainly trying to figure out when he does it and give him an alternative instead - eg If someone takes your toy away you don't bite, you come and tell me. But obviously he is too young for that now.

Mrscog Mon 04-Jul-16 19:44:54

My DS1 was a biter from 1 year - about 2. - we just stopped him and said no biting. After a while we realised that he was at his worst when he was tired - either for a nap or bed. It fizzled right out once we put him straight to bed after the first bite.

uhoh2016 Wed 06-Jul-16 04:04:19

He isn't biting out of frustration more like he just fancies a nibble on us!

ResetTheMap Wed 06-Jul-16 08:19:58

My 16mo also finds biting hilarious! He likes to do it when he sees bare legs! I just say a firm no & hopefully he'll get the message that it's not funny.

MarthaSF321 Thu 07-Jul-16 12:33:02

My DD bit me on the arm once when she was about 2. Not in temper just did it. I'm afraid I screamed at her in the loudest scariest cross voice I could muster (didn't have to try to hard cos it really hurt !)
She hid under the table for about 10 minutes and never bit anyone again. It must have made an impression on her because she can still remember it and she's 13 now!

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