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Tiggstracey Fri 01-Jul-16 22:41:20

Long winded but my 14 year old made false allegations about his sister which resulted in him living with his father. He visits once a week but I know want to integrate him back into my life with my new partner and his children. He is wary of this because of what my son said and did but I am lost as want him in my life but it's hard as I'm the only one out of his father and that side of the family that still have this issue as his father stated he never needed councilling and denies that there is any need for finding out why which my new partner needs !!!!! What do I do

HeartOnTheLine Fri 01-Jul-16 22:50:53

How long have you been with your new partner? And has your son been introduced to him?

I think it may be a little bit much for him!

Tiggstracey Fri 01-Jul-16 23:04:29

I've been with my new partner for 2 years and we were together before this incident happened so he has been part of my new family as I say until this happened

HeartOnTheLine Sat 02-Jul-16 09:48:33

What basically happened? If you don't mind answering.

Tiggstracey Sat 02-Jul-16 10:16:54

He made an allegation that his sister had abused him then stated that he had been abused but was all found out to be lies when the police got involved. His father has stated that he has had councilling at school an needs no more he sister has integrated back into her fathers family going on holiday etc but stating that she won't share a room with him etc but my new partner will not let him be around his children which is acceptable I'm not questioning that at all but my quandary is that my daughter has intergrated back in my son wants to do more things with me but I'm cautious but being made to feel guilty as I stated out of everyone it's only me and my new partner that have these cautions

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