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blossombottom Fri 01-Jul-16 10:48:49


My DD goes to her childminder twice a week and is at home with me the rest of the time. We see friends and family, go to the occasional group / class, we walk the dogs and we do normal errands like food shopping etc during the week so she gets out and about a lot.

I feel like she could do with more stimulating toys for home now, and I'm stuck for ideas on what to do with her or what to get her. She enjoys megabloks and stacking cups at the mo, is interested in how things work, and is obsessed with a name stamp she was given recently.

Any tips? Am lacking in inspiration!

VioletBam Fri 01-Jul-16 11:15:57

If she likes the stamp, then she might be interested in messy play...transformation type activities.

Have a look at this link below. It's about Schemas in play. If you've not heard of them, they're certain phases which small children go through in play.

Mark making...as with the stamping....is perhaps part of the "transformation" schema...someone else might come along and have more knowledge than me...but have a look at the link and you might get some ideas.

Mine liked playing with a bowl of water on the kitchen floor at this age...and with paints. Also mud in the garden!


blossombottom Fri 01-Jul-16 11:32:02

Thank you violet this is exactly the kind of brain food I was looking for. Am so tired and uninspired at the mo! When we were going to lots of baby classes I felt motivated but that's obvs petered out since starting work again.

Messy play it is! Plenty of mud outside thanks to all this rain.

At risk of sounding pushy or neurotic... Am wondering about starting to start being a bit more consistent with counting or colours with her as she is now picking up a few words and pointing to body parts when we name them. She plays so well independently so I don't want to get too lazy with her as she will entertain herself happily for a long time while I get on with stuff!

chartmc Fri 01-Jul-16 11:36:29

a cheap idea which keeps my 16 month old quiet.. i stick toilet roll tubes to the fridge door and give her a few balls that fit through.. sounds daft but it keeps her amused for ages!! lol x

VioletBam Fri 01-Jul-16 16:16:47

I wouldn;t worry about colours and numbers. But you could mention colours in conversation with her..."Do you want the blue brick? Here it is"

That's what I used to do and it sinks in naturally. I also counted steps as we went up stairs. Out loud...that's all. Oh and when I put shoes on I'd always say Right foot! and put the shoe on...then Left foot! and do that one. Both my DDs knew their right from their left quite young.

Ferguson Fri 01-Jul-16 19:24:32

Duplo, and all the animals, figures, trucks, boats etc that go with it are some of the best toys for children as they can cover several years' of development, including construction, (and as you have suggested) colour, counting etc.

Obviously, reading to a child, giving them their own books as well as taking them to a library, will have great advantages for when them start formal education (by which I mean 'school', as they have in-formal eduction from the moment they are born!). An age-appropriate picture encyclopaedia, or books of animals, plants etc are good; Richard Scarry books have colourful pictures, but bear in mind they have an American style.

Jigsaw puzzles, shape-sorters, large beads for threading on laces etc encourage fine motor skills. Provided they have rounded SAFE ends, children can start to use scissors to cut out junk mail, brochures, and stick into 'scrap books'; they may need help at first, and our DS used them like shears when he was little.

If you can afford it, children can start to create music with an electronic keyboard; NOT toy one, but one with full-size keys, at least 61 of them. A less expensive alternative would be a small xylophone, or children's percussion instruments.

Avoid too many screen-based activities, or toys that need batteries.

blossombottom Fri 01-Jul-16 20:33:55

So so helpful, thank you all. This has given me lots of ideas. Have already been out playing mud castles this afternoon, and planning a library trip next week.

Love the loo rolls idea - she's a big fan of them anyway.

Feeling refreshed! Many thanks, and do feel free to keep the ball rolling.

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