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Slow baby development, when to worry...

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RhiRhi16 Mon 27-Jun-16 13:56:27

Hi, my little boy will be 11 months in a few weeks and is a happy lovely little thing however I have noticed he is a little behind, I know you shouldn't compare & they all do things in their own time but when do you worry?
He can roll around the room both ways to get things & has recently started to wave. He can sit up but then after a bit throws himself backwards so I still have a pillow behind him! He lies on his tummy and pushes up with his arms & gets frustrated that he can't crawl but doesn't use his knees at all not even to kneel or pull himself up.
My main concern though is that he isn't babbling at all, he passed his hearing checks in hospital and I very much doubt it's his hearing as it seems good.. But don't understand why he isn't copying me he squeals and makes high pitched noises but no actual babbling? I hoping just like the waving he will just start one day, trying to not worry but he is clearly a bit behind 😟

Montysaurus Mon 27-Jun-16 14:05:43

Have you spoken to your health visitor? Perhaps book and appointment with them or your gp and take a list of your concerns so you don't forget them. Is he pointing? Clapping? Have a look online for development milestones and make some notes on which he meets and which he doesn't. That will help your hv get a clear picture.

GoBigOrange Thu 30-Jun-16 01:58:48

It may be that he is just due to take a big developmental stride forwards soon.

When my son was 10.5 months old he couldn't crawl (though he tried), get into a sitting position by himself, pull up, cruise, wave, point or clap and I was starting to feel very slightly concerned about him as he just sat there like a spud most of the time.

He is now a few days over 11 months old and does all of those things with total ease. He still isn't very 'chatty' but he has started making less shrill and squeaky noises and considerably more word-like sounds in the last few weeks too. So it really can happen almost overnight.

I'm in the US, so am not sure if you all have the same 1 year well-baby check up with a pediatrician as we do here? But that would be an ideal time to share any concerns you may have at that point. As Montysaurus suggested, check on a list of milestones to see what your boy should ideally be capable of by the time he is 12 months old.

I always think the lists of milestones sound quite intimidating, but my pediatrician told me that milestones are more guidelines to what the baby could be capable of (and what a parent can try to encourage/help them learn) rather than a checklist set in stone that you need to be marking off. Obviously they do want your baby to be capable of a good proportion of those skills, but not being able to do all of it doesn't necessarily indicate any problems.

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