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Slow baby development, when to worry...

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RhiRhi16 Mon 27-Jun-16 13:55:48

Hi, my little boy will be 11 months in a few weeks and is a happy lovely little thing however I have noticed he is a little behind, I know you shouldn't compare & they all do things in their own time but when do you worry?
He can roll around the room both ways to get things & has recently started to wave. He can sit up but then after a bit throws himself backwards so I still have a pillow behind him! He lies on his tummy and pushes up with his arms & gets frustrated that he can't crawl but doesn't use his knees at all not even to kneel or pull himself up.
My main concern though is that he isn't babbling at all, he passed his hearing checks in hospital and I very much doubt it's his hearing as it seems good.. But don't understand why he isn't copying me he squeals and makes high pitched noises but no actual babbling? I hoping just like the waving he will just start one day, trying to not worry but he is clearly a bit behind 😟

RhiRhi16 Mon 27-Jun-16 14:02:22

Ps. He is weight bearing but then will wobble so I hold him. Tia x

Witchend Mon 27-Jun-16 14:38:47

Neither dd1 nor dd2 really babbled at all. Dd1 was in sentences by 18 months, dd2 by 15 months. They only had a couple of words at 11 months.
Ds otoh babbled lots. He loved to hold a "conversation" with you at 5 months where he would babble and wait for you to say something. He was nothing like as quick as the other two to pick up words and sentences. Although the HV chuckled when I expressed concern and pointed out he was the closer to normal, the girls had just been unusually talkative.

uhoh2016 Mon 27-Jun-16 16:27:57

My ds was similar at that age he didn't pass many of the things on his 12m assessment. He's now just turning 16m and is walking (only since last week) and babbling away - nothing much understandable though. They all get there in their own time you'll find he will do it all at once.

waitingforsomething Thu 30-Jun-16 13:56:18

My DS is also 11 months and doesn't do an awful lot either
He bum shuffles instead of crawling
On his front he goes into a crawling position and then uses it to sit back up and bum shuffle.
He's pulled up to standing twice only and that was today!
He says ba ba, da da and some squarks but nothing that sounds like a word.
I try not to worry but I do sometimes - I am told repeatedly that as long as they move in some way or another by around 12 months (your son rolls so tick) and they can bear weight without leaning on to their chest then all is very likely well smile

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