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19 month hates bath

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user1466968902 Sun 26-Jun-16 20:56:06

My 19 month old screams and climbs out, it started at about a year old, no problems I.e no fall or bad experience he had one most nights before it started. I have tried everything from bubble bath, shower, me or dad in with him, swimming costume on, mini disco with glow in dark ducks, crayons ignoring him and bathing his 3 yr old sister (he really doesn't care will happily sit in bedroom playing with his toys) but he loves swimming and splashing around doesn't care that it's in his eyes but when I try and shower him after will scream and run off. Any ideas? I can't chase him round with a sponge for rest of his life?

VioletBam Mon 27-Jun-16 03:23:48

Have you tried not washing him at all? Just letting him sit there? Also have you tried the sink? My DD loved sitting on the draining board with her feet in the sink while I washed her.

Kiwiinkits Mon 27-Jun-16 04:53:54

A drop or two of food colouring in the bathwater worked for my kids. It doesn't stick to their skin but they love the novelty.

Also, have you tried getting in the bath with him and playing with him?

Kiwiinkits Mon 27-Jun-16 04:54:57

oh, I just saw that you've tried being in the bath with him. Scrub the second part of my post (see what I did there?)

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