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Development, Education and the EU situation

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Thelyingbitchandthewardrobe Sun 26-Jun-16 00:02:31

I'm sure I can't write this without outing myself, so if you spot me, let me know!
We moved to France just after we got married. We moved mainly for my husbands work, but I immediately got work in an international school teaching my degree subject. Almost 10 years later we have 3 kids and a lovely house here (house not yet paid off).

Here comes my question --- My kids have excellent French but have been educated in the international school where I work, so their written work is much better in English.

With the UK out of the EU, does it mean my kids won't be able to access a UK degree?

I would like advice on whether to send them to French state school which will more easily lead onto a French uni (I much prefer a uk uni to a French uni for my kids)

This is a tough decision because my kids strengths lie in the arts and in sports which are well catered for in the international school. I understand that the local French state school is very accademic focused.

Being an adult is tough.

meditrina Sun 26-Jun-16 00:08:04

Yes, you can access a UK degree - British universities are not and never have been UK/EU residents only.

But you'll need to start financial planning for the cost, as fees (unless you return and your DC are normally resident for 3 years before entry) will be at the overseas student rate.

JoJoSM2 Sun 26-Jun-16 20:46:16

Also, don't get ahead of yourself and see what the negotiated deal is and take it from there.

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