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Bed wetting!

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GruUp Thu 23-Jun-16 15:36:46

Argh, feeling a bit desperate because we're off on holiday today and this is just going to be a nightmare! 7yo ds was in pull ups until about a year ago (we had tried him without various times but he hadn't been ready before). He did pretty well for a long while. Mostly dry with the odd accident.
Back in February we went through a good few weeks where he was wet most nights and then it seemed to get a bit better again. But now, for weeks, he has been wet almost every night again. We limit drinks in the evening etc. I have even started taking him to the toilet every night before I go to sleep, which I never did before, and he is still wetting the bed! Last night for example - pee before sleep, woken around midnight to pee, woke up wet around 5.
Spoke to gp recently and he said not to worry, just to do all of the above. We are off on a long trip today. A mixture of hotels and Airbnb. I had thought at least if I took him to the loo each night he'd be ok. But he is worse now than ever! And even more worrying, he has a 3 night school trip in September and I am so worried for him. Other kids can be so cruel. Any ideas??! I've packed some pull ups for our trip but it feels like a step backwards. Really don't want to use them, and neither does he understandably. And if he'd seen using them on school trip?!

Wolfiefan Thu 23-Jun-16 15:40:19

The trouble is that night dryness is about hormone production. If he isn't producing it then he won't be dry.

GruUp Thu 23-Jun-16 16:39:51

But he was doing so well for a good while. Wouldn't that suggest that he is?
I get the feeling that he sleeps too deeply. Sometimes he doesn't even wake up when he pees, I just find him in a wet patch in the morning. Other times he does. The other day he said he dreamt that he was at the toilet. I'm actually wondering if taking him at night when he's sleepy is making it worse, as he's getting into the habit of peeing when he's not really awake iyswim.

Lymphy Thu 23-Jun-16 17:50:48

Hi I work in school health and run bed wetting clinics, firstly don't worry it's normal but here are some things to try,
We don't advise pull ups, they are very good, too good that the child won't recognise they are wet, if you really want to use them put his underpants on as well as the pull ups so he can feel wet.
He needs to drink lots during the day, this will encourage his bladder to stretch enabling it to get use to hold more fluid before needing to empty. 8 drinks minimum a day water is best
Last drink an hour before bed don't restrict too much before bed time
After a drink wait a little bit the get him to go to the toilet
Hormones do play a role and develop between 7+
Ring the school health team see what they advice
Once he is drinking the right amount ( nothing will work until that's spot on really) and if still wetting there are alarms or medication that can be used.
Hope this helps xxx

Lymphy Thu 23-Jun-16 17:51:59

Oh and don't take him when he is sleepy it doesn't work and 90% of the kids I see sleep deeply and don't wake so nothing to worry about xx

GruUp Sat 25-Jun-16 22:54:08

Thanks Lymphy, that does help! I have been encouraging him to drink during the day, but will get on that more.
I do know it's still normal at this age, but as I say, I'm worried about hotel beds and him being teased by other kids if it happens on school trip.
We're not in the uk and unfortunately no support for this kind of thing through the school.

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Sat 25-Jun-16 22:59:44

For when you're in hotels I can recommend the self adhesive absorbent sheets by dry-nights. They have sticky backs & go under the bed sheet to protect the mattress. I know this won't help on school trip or in the long term but might save difficulties especially if you're staying in Airbnb places

Lymphy Tue 28-Jun-16 20:53:51

That's the hardest part when it come to trips and sleepovers, I usually say to the kids that it's hard work but they can do it, what we like is a good toile ting plan so big drink then half hour after toilet. Toilet last thing before bed first thing In the morning, breakfast and drink then before leaving toilet, drink in class or break then toilet ect ect. Get a sports bottle fill it and tell him that it should be all drunk whilst at school, avoid black currant juice and orange juices as it can aggravate the bladder, water is best, he should be drinking 1400mls a day ( it's hard I struggle with that amount!!), make a dry night chart lots of praise when he's dry, do you know when he is wetting, I only ask as if he's not wetting until 4am onwards that tells me he's nearly there, just needs to hold it longer!! He will get there I have very few who continue to wet, in fact I've none at the minute, I strongly suggest the ERIC website it's fab xxxx

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