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4.5 year old going through a funny phase?

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InionEile Wed 22-Jun-16 22:42:23

Did anyone else's DC go through an odd phase at 4.5 years old or thereabouts? My DS turns 5 in October and has been in the strangest mood for the last couple of months, almost like a pint-sized teenager. Sulky, whiny, tired, complaining of being bored and loathe to do things he used to do like dress himself or put on his own shoes or tidy up toys. He is also like my shadow following me around the house, wanting to be in the bathroom when I need to go, scared to stay on his own in the play room if I'm upstairs in the kitchen etc. He has also been a bit meaner to his little sister (1.5 years).

He has never been the most easygoing child and bedtime / dressing / leaving the park etc were always a battleground but recently he has just been so sulky and difficult. He seems permanently tired or out of sorts. Is it a growth spurt? Some growing self-awareness? We had a meet-up for his incoming reception class (actually pre-K as we are in the US) and he didn't want to play with anyone, even the kids whose parents we knew. He just whined at me to stay with him and lurked on the edge of the playground sad. In general he seems to only want to be with me right now. He previously liked our part-time babysitter but now when she shows up he starts fake-crying and saying that he only wants to be with me. It's flattering but I can't get anything done!

The only big change recently has been a house move but it's only 10 minutes from where we used to live so we are still in touch with neighbors, friends etc. Could he have that extreme a reaction to just moving house?

VioletBam Thu 23-Jun-16 09:32:07

He's probably just sensing the oncoming change...going to pre k might seem like a massive thing in his mind, especially if there's been lots of talk about it. He may have heard people mention him being a "big boy" now and be finding it hard.

I'd just baby him a bit him through by giving him extra attention and more affection than usual.

InionEile Thu 23-Jun-16 15:36:32

Good point Violet - it might be that. We have been encouraging himto be more independent because we are worried about him starting pre-K ourselves but it could be that it is backfiring on us! It seems to be especially big group school-type situations that he is unhappy with. I signed him up for a week of science 'camp' (just 9-1 every day), which he loved last year as a 3 year old and he hated it this year and didn't want to participate in anything.

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