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stressed out mum

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BeanyFTM80 Wed 22-Jun-16 16:07:46

Chloe is nearly 15 weeks and the last 5 days she has been really fussy with her bottle and not drinking as much. She was having around 800ml a day now it's a struggle to get 700. Sometimes she will have 200 and sometimes it's hard to get her to have 80. We feed her every 4 hours during the day and she sleeps from 1030pm-6am. It's worrying me that's she is not getting enough and I've just been in tears as she was so fussy with this bottle! Other than that she seems normal. Smiling and having wet nappies. Any suggestions for a worried stressed first time mum.

Lymphy Wed 22-Jun-16 21:08:07

If the wet nappies keep coming then don't worry too much, I wouldn't put up to much of a fight, if she doesn't want it and is getting hacked off, stop have a play or whatever and try again later. Could she be coming down with something?could it be the Flow of the teat? Maybe even teeth coming early, try not to stress ( easy to say) if she's hungry she'll take it, as long as there are wet nappies and she's happy and alert she's ok, you could ring your HV if it persists, mine is great ( I know that's not always the case) they could give you some tips xx

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