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Could it be teething?

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ACubed Mon 20-Jun-16 20:32:54

My three month old, who is usually very happy and goes down easily, has suddenly become quite cross and upset, and has started crying during breastfeeding sometimes, which is very unusual for him. He's also getting very upset before going to sleep, as well as dribbling a fair bit, and trying to chew his fists (when def not hungry). It coincided with his second set of jabs, so I am trying not to be paranoid about them having affected him in some way (which I know Is nonsense), the only thing I could think of was teething. Did anyone else have an early teether, do you think that's what this is, and is there any way to relieve symptoms at that age? I've just left him with my partner after 45 mins of crying at me, getting me down a bit.

youlemming Thu 23-Jun-16 22:05:31

It could be, DD2 got her first teeth at 4 months and was dribbling, chewing and also had some horrid nappies running up to them coming through.

It could also just be a phase with no noticable reason and might disappear without anything changing, so difficult with babies!

You could try some teething gel or a little soft finger toothbrush to rub the gums.
Switching with your partner is a good idea as it does get you down when they don't settle and you need a break.

Hope you find something that helps and little one returns to his normal happy self soon.

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