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bottle to sippy cup

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waitingforsomething Sun 19-Jun-16 00:26:34

Ds is 11.5 months and I'd like to start the transition to cup for his milk. Dd was same age and after a few days she was fine to lose the bottle. She loved milk though and my problem with him is that he's not the biggest fan.
He drinks very little out the bottle as it is and drinks less than the recommended amount of formula. At best we can get 4-5 Oz in him per bottle but sometimes just 1oz before bed and that'll be it. I'm concerned that switching to a cup will be then end of drinking milk entirely. Has This ever happened to anyone? Parent of a child who just doesn't much like milk? He's not a big fan of yoghurt either although will eat cheddar cheese and cheese sauces on his food.

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