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3.5 year old throwing tantrums and hitting

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MrsOs Fri 17-Jun-16 08:19:38

we are on holiday and our ds has been a nightmare. If he doesn't get his own way he screams and hits and if I walk away to ignore he literally runs after me hitting me this week I have been punched in the stomach and dh has been punched in the nuts!! I'm trying to ignore him and tell him he is being not nice and we don't hit but he just latches onto my leg and screams and screams and hits me.

Dumptrunks Fri 17-Jun-16 22:42:37

I've been there with my dd not so much hitting me but major breakdowns when doesn't get what she wants. Tbh it depend what situation I'm in how I deal with it but the main thing is to not reward for being naughty i.e. Buying something to keep them quiet. if I'm on hols and around lots of people I would try and use distraction or do something to make her laugh ignoring why she's angry to end the tantrum rather than cause a scene but if at home I will take something away that I know she really wants and send her to her room then just let her have a paddy! Telling off has never worked forus, good luck xx

Kariana Sat 18-Jun-16 10:04:34

Do you think it could be because the holiday is a change in is routine or were there signs of this before the holiday? Just wondering as this may alter the solution.

Trooperslane Sun 19-Jun-16 17:05:47

Dd (almost 3) is being like this too.

I have a lovely bite bruise in my arm which made me burst into tears in front of her last night.

I'm hoping it's the lack of recent routine and lots of being spoiled by Granny/aunties etc.

We are in routine lockdown next week. Can't take much more of this.

Any magic solutions, send them this way.

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