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4yr old big brother pushing boundaries

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In need of some advice (and cheering up!)
I had my second baby 12 days ago. My ds1 used to be an angel (within reason!) he was 90% good with 10% cheeky. Since dd has come along he is now 60% little s@!t and 40% emotional wreck!
We have has tantrums, sudocrem all over the carpets and (I think) worst of all, he has been punching his friends at nursery. Also he seems to wee anywhere he decides - not accidents but actually pulling his pants down and weeing in his room, our room, the garden etc
I have tried to speak to him and he says he is excited about his sister arriving and he loves her lots (which is good but doesn't answer why he is acting up!)
Any advice as to how to deal with him would be greatly appreciated 😫

VioletBam Thu 16-Jun-16 09:13:18

My DD did the weeing thing. It was INFURIATING. She was three and a half and had been trained for ages, it was totally deliberate.

But it is just a call for attention.

I had to set aside one to one time daily with a time which never changed and which I named her if she was called Anna then it was Anna Time.

It helped.

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