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1 yr old anger and tantrums! advice please!

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twocultures Wed 15-Jun-16 14:22:37

My 1yr old DS has recently started getting very frustrated and angry if he's told he can't do something e.g. last night he walked up to the tv and started hitting it with both hands causing it to wobble, my DP said 'no' which only caused him to do it even harder and harder until my DP had to get him away from it and he started crying and screaming and wouldn't let us hold him.
It's just an example but he does it a lot with lots of things the more you tell him no the more frantically he tries to do it, and I'll admit sometimes I've raised my voice at him a little as I get frustrated especially if he could hurt himself trying to do certain things.
He throws a lot more tantrums as well he'll arch his back and try and bump his head on things and when he's crying like that and you try to pick him up he tries to slide back down and then cries even worse and lays on the floor.
I read up that this is a phase but I was just wondering if there's a better way of going about it to try and minimise the bad behaviour? Maybe a distraction technique to get him distracted from the thing he shouldn't be doing...
Anyone going or went through something similar?

GlitteryFluff Wed 15-Jun-16 14:38:20

I'm going through exactly the same with DS who's 1, he'll be 2 in a few months. I deal with it the same as you (even the raised voice sometimes too) and I also try to distract, so he's banging at tv, I say no banging, look what's this and give him a toy/book etc it seems to make him forgot about banging on the tele/slamming door/throwing stuff. (Sometimes it doesn't work and it makes his tantrum worse so I leave him for a minute then try distraction again)
Will be interested to see replies..

twocultures Wed 15-Jun-16 14:45:11

Glad to know I'm not alone! My main struggle is that he seems too clever to fall for my tricks (or is just bored with his toys now) e.g. He's banging on the tv I come up and try and give him a teddy or toy to distract him, he looks at it and just goes back to trying to break the tv! Even if I make the toy sound exciting ( or at least I think I do confused). He's just too into causing mischief...

icklekid Wed 15-Jun-16 14:48:31

I tend to go into a different room with him when he gets to that point. Ie. If sulking about watching tv go into kitchen to get a drink, if tantrum because he wants a biscuit go into living room so he's not seeing food any more. Much easier to distract!

leeds84 Wed 15-Jun-16 14:58:19

Went through this with DS, still am a bit (but it's getting a bit better, although i don't want to speak too soon!). He'd get really furious and literally shout at me.

I agree with icklekid, try and remove from the room that he's being mischievous in. I also try and distract with something that i know he really likes, but is the lesser of two evils? For example, take him away from the TV (he'll be shouting and crying) but then let him play with a broom in the kitchen or something.

Not sure if this is "the right" thing to do, but it seems to work.

Good luck!

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