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15mo doing weird thing with eyes

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TheCaptainsCat Tue 14-Jun-16 22:37:36

My 15 month old daughter has recently (I'd say past week or so) starting half closing her eyes, rolling her eyes back and sometimes tipping her head back too. She does it a number of times a day, but especially whilst in her high chair. She doesn't seem to be 'absent' whilst she does this as she has continued talking at the same time. It sounds really minor written down, but it looks unsettling and I can't help but worry about neurological issues. But then I think it's just some silly toddler thing and I'm overreacting... Anyone that can advise/has experienced this?

VioletBam Wed 15-Jun-16 01:04:34

Film it if you can and show the GP. It's probably nothing but could be a minor "fit" which toddlers can get and grow out of. If you've noticed it, then you should check it out or you'll be constantly looking for it and worrying.

Out2pasture Wed 15-Jun-16 01:09:59

yes what violet says, take a little iPhone video and share it with your physician.

Bubbinsmakesthree Wed 15-Jun-16 13:36:54

It could simply be that she is playing/experimenting - my DS went through a phase of scrunching his eyes shut and nodding his head, I think he was just experimenting with the sensations of vision and movement. But yes if you are worried take a video to your GP

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