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My toddler is broken!

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livvylongpants Mon 13-Jun-16 22:09:53

Anyone have else have a child that just cries all the time!

DD is 18 months and has always been clingy but it's starting to drive me crazy, she follows me round the house SCREAMING at me if I'm not holding her or if she can't sit on me.

She can't deal with sleep and screams for an hour every evening before she finally goes to sleep and then my night is punctuated by her, you guessed it, screaming.

She always wakes up happy though!

I just don't know why she's so miserable and really need a bit of personal space, I get very claustrophobic and with 2 other young kids who want to sit in me too it's getting too much!

LindsayS79 Mon 13-Jun-16 22:20:30

My DD was like that at around that age. I stood my ground and didn't give in or I would be carrying her all over the house. I did make an effort to sit and have cuddles with her when she wasn't screaming to be picked up though. Kind of like rewarding the good behaviour? She soon calmed down, but at almost 3 she still does it with my mum as she picks her up when DD wants angry

FATEdestiny Mon 13-Jun-16 22:25:53

It sounds like she's not getting enough sleep.

Is she able to self-settle at all? How does she get to sleep? If this was me I would go back to a short morning nap plus a longer afternoon nap to break this over tiredness cycle.

livvylongpants Mon 13-Jun-16 23:10:46

We tried self settling but I just can't leave her to cry , though I probably need to.

She's still breastfed so will feed and then cry whilst I try and soothe her. She has a long 2 hour afternoon nap. But tonight didn't sleep until 10pm!

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