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4yo suddenly not keen on clothes

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toomuchtooold Sun 12-Jun-16 15:53:25

Any experience? 4yo DD since a week or two has suddenly been a bit funny with clothes - lots of things she used to wear happily that she now finds uncomfortable (it is stuff that might irritate a kid with sensory issues, like scratchy elastic on pants and stuff, but she's never had sensory issues before and it's all clothes she's been wearing for ages. Today she didn't even want to come swimming (her favourite thing) because the swimsuit didn't feel right. It's not washing powder, as I've used the same one for ages, and she says it's not itchy, just "uncomfortable". She's been a bit grumpy and easily upset too... my best guess is that it's just one of those growth spurts, it'll pass, but anyone had anything similar?

VioletBam Mon 13-Jun-16 00:49:45

Yes my DD who is now 8 was the same and still is to some degree. She'll only wear leggings with long tops, t shirts and joggers...and then ONLY if they meet her strict criteria with regards to the fit..too tight a waistband and they're gone.

Some kids are just more sensitive than others. If you have no other concerns, then just let her try things on before you buy them.

toomuchtooold Mon 13-Jun-16 06:15:15

Yeah no, her twin sister has been like this since she was a baby, but it's come on suddenly with DD1, which us what concerns me.

PlanD Mon 13-Jun-16 06:29:10

Could she be seeing her sister getting attention when she complains about clothes and decided to try it herself? Not in a devious way, just in a 4 year old way iykwim?! If she's generally been a bit fed up and grumpy, maybe something else is bothering her but the clothes thing is almost a misdirection.

toomuchtooold Mon 13-Jun-16 09:29:48

That could be it, actually. Maybe also related to being back home in Germany after a trip to the UK - DD1 has more of a preference for English than her sister, maybe it's adjusting back too?

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