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Premature baby development?

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Rubysmummy2016 Sun 12-Jun-16 01:20:19

Hi all!
My DD was born at 35 weeks, had problems with feeding and temperature but came home 10 days after she was born. She's now 15 weeks old and she is 11lb 12 ounces (which is much healthier than the 5lb 2 she was born at). Maybe I'm just being a bit emotional, but quite a few of my friends had babies around the same time as me, and my little girl isn't doing the same things.

She's not sleeping through 6/7 hours at night and is still waking every two hours whereas my friends babies are sleeping from 8 until 6/7 am!! (Not that I'm really sure I'd want her sleeping that long, the girl needs to eat!! Although, I am exhausted!) On her big feeds in the day she takes 100ml (or 3 oz.) and at night she only has 30-60 at a time, compared to the 6oz's day feeds I'm being told about. She rolled belly to back, but only once a few weeks ago and hasn't attempted it since.

Maybe I'm just comparing things too much, or maybe this is completely normal as a mother! My MIL keeps sniping at me, saying that my DD should be trying to sit up, rolling over all the time, sleeping through the night (like her boys did of course). I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm not supporting her enough? Or maybe there is something actually wrong that I'm dismissing? Or maybe there is something I am doing completely wrong?!

AnnieOnnieMouse Sun 12-Jun-16 02:09:37

Grrr! MILS!
All babies are different, even to the same parents. Your dd sounds fine to me - my 2 were born at 36 and 35 weeks, dd at 35 weeks 6lb, came home at 5lb 4 oz lost a lot, then started gaining, so allowed home at about 10 days, same as yours. She slept through at about 12 months - ds not until he was nearly 2 years.
DD didn't roll over until she was 7 months old, then was crawling by 9 months.
As long as you know she hasn't got tongue tie, which could affect feeding, then she is FINE.

As far as I can see, only thing you are doing wrong is not telling your DH to tell his mum to wind her neck in!

Miffyandme Sun 12-Jun-16 08:21:25

I saw this in the night when up feeding my one year old. You would prob get more replies in the "chat" area here.
But my contribution is please rein in any expectations of your baby sleeping from 8 until 6/7!! You may find that people are saying their babies are doing that when in fact they actually still wake for feeds. In any case waking up at this age (even not correcting for her prematurity) is totally normal.

MIL sounds to be making unhelpful comments. Did the hospital tell you to "correct" for her prematurity? She is really only 10 weeks old, so MIL needs to see her like that, and in any case not be "sniping" at you. It may be she is being clumsy and thinks she is making conversation, just getting it wrong.

Sounds like you're doing great. The first few weeks and months of a first baby are a huge shock to the system, let alone without your baby being premature.

Enjoy your new baby cuddles, believe me she will be rolling both ways, sitting and crawling before you know it and life is a whole new ball game then.

To see how common not sleeping through is, look at the sleep forum here!

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