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Three Year Old "Doesn't Want Daddy"

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Lbabyx123 Fri 10-Jun-16 06:33:30

My little boy has always been a mummy's boy. I work full time but I'm a teacher so have holidays off with him.

His behaviour is good and he very rarely does anything wrong. The only issue is how he is with my husband (his Daddy). If I go out for the evening, he will scream the house down wanting me and says horrible things to my husband (I don't want you/I don't like you/go to work etc). He never wants him to do anything for him and refuses to go down with him in the morning when my husband wants me to have a lie in. He kicks off when my husband dresses him or puts him to bed. He is such a happy little boy usually and it's like a personality switch in these situations. We try to stay calm with him, explain why and reassure him but he's past it. I've tried talking to him about his Daddy feels when he's at work and I try to make Daddy coming home/ bathing him exciting. I ask him to draw pictures of Daddy and talk about how much we love him (my son never tells Daddy he loves him)

At the weekend they spend time together and it's getting easier for them to leave the house without WWIII. It's really upsetting my husband as he really is trying his best but it feels like we are trying to make him love his Daddy.

Can anybody offer any advice?

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