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Concerned about my DDs development

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mexymoo Thu 09-Jun-16 08:45:23

I realise nobody can give me answers here but just generally looking for someone who has maybe had the same issues.

Background - My DD was born 9 weeks early and spent 13 weeks in hospital, she had an issue with her diaphragm and required surgery, she is still on oxygen at night.

She's almost a year old (10 months corrected, in 6-9m clothes) but I feel she is so behind her peers, she sits up really well, she can roll over but not very keen and can't really roll back onto her back, shows no interest in standing up but the issue that concerns me the most is she is very unaffectionate, she doesn't like being kissed or cuddled sad, when she's really upset and I try to cuddle her she just pushes against me.

When being held she has her arms our to the side (airplane arms!), she also does this in her walker and at other times, I have mentioned this to Physio but they didn't seem concerned (so it might just be me!) but putting all these things together is making me think there's something not quite right. My DH thinks I'm being silly so I don't feel like I can really talk to him about it.

I do wonder if it's because she was in hospital for so long being prodded and poked every day and not many cuddles from mummy and daddy....?

Overall she is such a happy little girl, just all these things are niggling away at me.

GrassW1dow Thu 09-Jun-16 12:05:58

I really wouldn't worry. check out this recent thread:

My DS (17mo) has never really done cuddles.

HoggleHoggle Thu 09-Jun-16 12:08:11

My ds was very unaffectionate and generally quite an unhappy little boy. Between 10-12 months this changed and he is now the most loving, happy toddler. I think in his case it was just maturity that changed things.

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