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should i be worried that my 4 year old cant talk

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sapp77 Wed 08-Jun-16 00:39:58

my son is turning 4 in a couple months and still cant talk. He can say yes and no and mum. When we try to get him to learn or try he gets grumpy or hides his face. Just don't now what to try anymore.

Out2pasture Wed 08-Jun-16 00:42:02

what does your family physician say about this?

Twowrongsdontmakearight Wed 08-Jun-16 00:43:40

That does seem quite late. I agree with PP that it might be a good idea to go to your GP about that.

sapp77 Wed 08-Jun-16 00:48:11

We have taken him but they say he is all fine. He goes up to the hospital once a week to see a speech thep . I think he might just be lazy but just don't now

Out2pasture Wed 08-Jun-16 01:07:47

please speak to your speech therapist, ask her about his diagnosis his treatments and his prognosis. she will know if he is being lazy or if it is something else.

Jasonandyawegunorts Wed 08-Jun-16 07:54:30

of course it isn't Being lazy.

sunniest Wed 08-Jun-16 21:13:28

It really annoys me when people think children who are not talking are lazy. Their lives would be so much easier if they could use words. Trying to communicate without speech is really hard work and so frustrating for them.

Having said that, I dont understand why the Speech Therapist hasn't been able to answer your questions and explain things to you. If they havent been able to give you a diagnosis and prognosis by now then I would definitely expect them to be referring to other professionals, especially a paediatrician, to try and work out what is going on.

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