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Why is my DS so difficult at 15 months??!

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Pam0077 Sun 05-Jun-16 19:37:34

Hi I just wanted ur experiences as my DS1 is a total nightmare at the moment. He's been quite intense as a baby, but I did think at 15m things may be a little easier! He cries and strops at the drop of a hat, is now really fussy with food, hates his high chair and outings seem like so much hassle and stress. Please tell me this is just another damn phase? I'm told 18m is the turning point?!xx

Sycamore76 Sun 05-Jun-16 20:24:15

Is he getting his first molars at all ? My ds1 really suffered. Maybe why he is fussy with food and hates his high chair !

PlanBwastaken Sun 05-Jun-16 20:28:26

Can he walk yet? Milestones like that made a huge difference in my experience, mine was a right whinger at six month and as happy as Larry at fifteen when she finally started walking - crawling and sitting up improved things in the meantime.

PurpleRibbons Sun 05-Jun-16 20:30:22

I think it's a very frustrating time for them as they want to be exploring everything all the time and don't understand their limitations, or that some things are not safe. They also don't have the ability to say what's bothering them or to ask for things. I've found it much easier since 18months and even better since DD turned two. Sorry, that must seem a long way off!

nearlyteatime101 Sun 05-Jun-16 20:33:36

aAaAaAaAHhh, I'm there at the moment too (DD2). She is driving me potty. i can't remember this from last time but I am just hoping that it's a phase too. Everything just seems too much for her, she is permanently on the edge of tears and throwing herself on the floor. I wish I could help her I just don't know how!! She seems upset by everything. She is getting better with talking which is making it a little easier, but not much.

Pam0077 Sun 05-Jun-16 21:25:10

Yes he is walking, I think he is teething with his molars and he must be frustrated with his lack of communication. I just worry what if it isn't a phase.....! He is also throwing himself on the floor and I feel like I'm walking on egg shells! Just thought 15 months would be more enjoyable. So 18 months plus really is a light at the end of the tunnel?? It's literally exhausting right now x

soundsystem Mon 06-Jun-16 19:36:28

Oh, no advice but I feel your pain. My DD was exactly the same, it was exhausting. She's 19 months now and I feel like it's gettin better. She can communicate more and it makes things easier. She seems to have suddenly had a huge leap in understanding and things she can do and seems quite pleased with herself! I put her being a nightmare down to frustration - lots of things she could just about do and no one understanding her a lot of the time!

minipie Tue 07-Jun-16 11:39:38

I remember DD1 being a nightmare at this age. She could walk but I think the not talking really frustrated her (she turned out to be an early talker). Also teeth. She was delightful at 18 months though!

DD2 is 14 months and is currently pretty happy but I can sense the frustration starting to build...

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