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Eek! 13 week old sleeping terribly after jabs.

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HJBeans Sun 05-Jun-16 05:35:26

My 13 week old baby got his jabs on Wednesday and is also battling what the GOp thinks is a fungal infection of the scalp and started canesten cream on Thurs. Glands are up on the back of his head from one or the other.

Over the past few days his sleep has deteriorated hugely. He had been sleeping 8:30-4 or so, then feeding and going straight back down. Night before last he was up at midnight and a few times through the morning, last night he was up at least once an hour from midnight. And he's now very hard to put down. He's also been sicking up a bit more than usual, but he's not acting in pain or distressed at all.

We're tired and bewildered and wondering if this is the new normal or something people typically see with jabs or with fungal infection.

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