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Baby acne scarring

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Ohlalala Sat 04-Jun-16 17:51:07

Hi everyone,

My LO had baby acne around 2-4 weeks old. She is now 11 weeks old. The acne is now gone although she gets the odd spot or whitehead. The problem is that on one cheek, it looks like she has some scars left from when she had acne. It looks like faint crater-like circles. I am really starting to worry it won't go since usually I find her skin repairs itself quite fast. For eg, she can get a whitehead one day for it to be gone the next. When she was suffering from acne, I was told to clean her cheeks with cooled boiled water, which I did. I also used to moisturise her first with olive oil but because she had very dry skin I was prescribed QV cream (which is an emollient like Doublebase if it helps). Did I do something wrong? sad I read afterwards on a thread somewhere oil could make acne worse. My HV had never told me that... could this have caused the scarring? Is there anything I could do now to help or is it too late? I just hope she isn't scarred for life because of something I have done (or not done)... sad


Ohlalala Sun 05-Jun-16 09:52:28

I forgot to say she is 12 weeks old now so it's been 8 weeks since she has had acne, and I never picked it or squeezed the spots obviously.

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