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'Difficult' baby = Sparkler?

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CheeriAndO Tue 31-May-16 02:32:32

Just wondered what other parents who didn't end up with an 'easy' baby think of the label.

ipsogenix Tue 31-May-16 02:37:27

I'm too tired to worry about labels. smile

VioletBam Tue 31-May-16 15:13:31

Labelling normal baby and child behaviour in "new ways" is always a way for whoever came up with the label to sell shit.

Books usually.

That site looks like an amateur has thought "I can be a guru!" and has attempted to set up something...a platform for future money spinning.


CheeriAndO Tue 31-May-16 22:08:45

VioletBam I see what you're saying. Why bother labelling normal behaviour when there are already so many labels out there. All babies are unique anyway

Zaurak Thu 02-Jun-16 13:02:52

Pretty naff to be honest. I hate the idea that all challenging babies are special snowflakes just waiting to show their genius. It's a short step from that to the sort of parenting that insists little Tabitha-Summer-Rose is just expressing herself as she grinds some poor toddlers face in the sandpit.

Can't we just accept that babies are little people? They've got easy bits and hard bits of personality and they're all different?
Mine is an adorable, alert, funny little guy, but God he's hard work sometimes! I can just about cope with the 'high needs' label bit 'sparkler' makes me mildly ragey

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