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3.4yo driving is crazy...

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yummycake123 Mon 30-May-16 15:51:29

Today I'm reaching breaking point!! DS (3.4yo) is generally a happy and nice kid, very sociable, really kind with other kids. But lately he has episodes of being extremely rebellious and doesn't listen to us. I know people say at 3 they are "threenagers", they develop attitude, etc, but he's honestly 3 going on 15...

Today we went for a walk. Well... He didn't stop when we asked him to stop (he was on his scooter)... He then tried to climb on a bridge, I stopped him. Then when it was time to walk back home he didn't want to go and just kept throwing himself on the pavement, shouting "NOOOOOOOOO!!!"
Then we stopped at a cafe, he started banging the chair with his feet and trying to get under the table. DH who is the patient one in our couple lost it and said "Let's go home!!" . DS then had a meltdown cos he didn't want to go home... confused
Those of you with kids the same age, how do you deal with these tantrums? Basically this bank holiday weekend has been shit, we've spent our time dealing with a moany three year old and I'm exhausted! Help!

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