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no teeth at 16+ months

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fishcake1279 Sun 29-May-16 17:28:34

My fourth child and first daughter still has no teeth and she's now 16 months and a week old. Not even any sign of teeth. None of the other children were late teethers. Two doctors and a health visitor haven't shown much concern. But I'm a little worried. Anyone else out there with a similar tale?

GlitteryFluff Sat 04-Jun-16 20:01:02

I'm bumping this for you as a friends DS turned 1 last month and hasn't any teeth yes. She's starting to worry but HV isn't concerned so I'll be interested to hear replies.

Zaurak Sun 05-Jun-16 18:52:25

You could visit your dentist and ask them to take an X Ray to see if the teeth are present in the jaw. It's not actually considered abnormal until 18 months.

There are various medical conditions that can cause delayed tooth eruption but most of them have other quite significant signs so it's unlikely you'd be unaware by now. Is she otherwise well, hitting milestones etc?

Shootingstar2289 Sun 05-Jun-16 18:54:36

My daughter is nearly one and has no teeth either. I am planning to ask about it at her 1 year check but after reading up online, I don't think it is a huge concern. I am led to believe they only worry if they reach 2 without teeth.

Good luck! 😀

Owlytellsmesecrets Sun 05-Jun-16 19:16:03

DS1 got first tooth 2 days before his first birthday DS2 got first tooth about 3 months after 2nd birthday and DD1 got first tooth at 7 months.

Ds1 didn't loose any teeth until 7 and DS2 still hasn't and he is 7 in August.

DS 2 is severely disabled and developmentally delayed. We didn't have the X-Ray as we didn't want to expose him to radiation.

MrsBenWyatt Mon 06-Jun-16 20:03:33

DD was 16 months old before she got her first tooth.

DS1 was 9 months months - it was a shock as we were expecting late teeth from him too!

RozTheSchnoz Mon 06-Jun-16 20:21:44

Also following with interest. DS1's teeth came through steadily from about 5 months but DS2 is 13 months old and still hasn't got a single tooth. We've had all the teething symptoms for months but no sign of anything breaking through, bless him sad

RozTheSchnoz Mon 06-Jun-16 20:22:39

Should add that I've mentioned this to my dentist and HV, neither of whom were concerned at this stage... But I am!!

Hulababy Mon 06-Jun-16 20:25:38

DD didn't get teeth until gone 13 months. No one was concerned. When they did come in they didn't come in the 'normal' order. Dentist had a look and did an x ray when she was about 18 months but there was no problem.

Did mean she lost her teeth later than average too - didn't lose first tooth until she was 7y and has finished y2. Meant her brace treatment was delayed too. No problems now though at 14y.

Zaurak Mon 06-Jun-16 20:25:58

If the child has no other issues and developing normally, then it is more likely to be just one of those things.
If you've got any concerns about other aspects of their development then you need to see your doctor.

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