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Think My DS maybe be maybe on talking/communication

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Larm6069 Wed 25-May-16 11:34:21

My DS is 15 months old, just. And still isn't talking. He makes sounds like dada, dede, baba, yaya, rara, nana and the occasionally mama and iya but doesn't use them in the right context like dada for daddy. its just went he babbles. he also "sings" making ahhh oooo noises . We have tried to teach him to understand like pointing a hold object and say "this is a truck and you say truck" etc but hes just not interested. He's not one to copy and is quiet independent. I wasn't concerned until i read a milestone email from the baby centre stating he should of learned to say a word and point at 12 months. (he waves, shakes his head but doesn't point).

Is this normal? i don't no weather he needs to see someone for a bit of help or am i just worrying over nothing? i know they all learn at there own time and my niece who is 6 weeks younger has been pointing and has better communication than him although he is a lot more advanced on his feet.

Larm6069 Wed 25-May-16 11:35:06

*Maybe behind on talking

Shootingstar2289 Wed 25-May-16 17:09:46

Hiya. He is still very youn. I remember seeing a HV when my son was around 16 months and I told her he wasn't saying any words. She said they didn't expect them to until 18 months. In my case my son was refered to speech therapy at age 2 but like I said your son is still young. He may just start very soon. Maybe speak to your health visitor?

MadSprocker Wed 25-May-16 20:32:59

Make play sounds with him, like brrrrrm for a car, ch ch ch for a train, splish splash in the bath, zzzzz for a bee etc. This will encourage him to make sounds without pressuring for actual words. There is a thing where babies seem to either walk or talk. My niece is a talker, but learnt to walk at 20 months.

fassbender Wed 25-May-16 21:20:58

I'm a speech therapist and I would advise to give it a bit longer - we accept referrals from age 2 for our service. I would say the most important thing to do is to keep your own language simple - repetition of 1-2 word phrases, using objects to ensure he knows what you are talking about eg 'ball....want ball?.....roll ball'. Make sure he can see you face and use lots of pauses to ensure he gets opportunity to respond. Makaton signing (Mr Tumble) can also be helpful as long as it is one word and you say the word clearly while signing. If you are still worried at age 2 I would recommend referring in to local services. Local children's centres often have great early communication groups - good luck!

Isthereeverarightime1 Thu 26-May-16 12:27:36

Hi Fass, could I pick your brain please?
My son is 2.2 years and his speech is slow, he has some words: mummy, daddy, nanny, ta, bye (said as aye) nanna (banana) yeh, no, tractor (tactor) tries to say his name but can't although we know what he means as he points to himself! A maybe a few more but he doesn't say two words together and if we try to teach him words he gets bored and won't copy us although his does watch our mouths he just doesn't seem interested!
I try to do colours and numbers with him but again he loses interest quickly! He knows a few animal sounds too
I worry as his speech just doesn't seem to be improving and I am wondering whether I should have him referred? Does it sound to you like he is behind for his age group?

fassbender Thu 26-May-16 17:41:55

Hi, A don't think a referral will do any harm, though rest assured if your little boy has started using some words, that is a good sign that more will keep coming smile We expect 2 words to come by about age 2 but a child usually has been 50-100 words before he can start putting them together and every child is different. At this age, our dept would offer home visits in order to support you with helping your son to develop his speech using every day routines and toys.

I would persevere with the animal sounds and concentrate on useful every day words - people, toys, objects he uses every day. I wouldn't worry too much about colours and numbers at this stage as they are a bit more random. Instead, as above use simple 1-2 word phrases e.g. every time you pick him up say 'up!' and 'down' when you put him down. "more" is another good one - give him small amounts of something motivating e.g. chop his banana in small pieces and when he finishes say 'more?' then 'more banana' when he says banana or more. If he uses one word, copy that word and add an other one on e.g. son: 'daddy', you: 'Daddy home'. At this age try not to worry about speech sounds as there are so many we would expect him to find tricky.

I hope that helps! As above I would really advocate children's centres for singing/communication groups but if you are worried a referral wouldn't be a problem. Best of luck.

Isthereeverarightime1 Fri 27-May-16 08:56:43

Thanks Fass, you have helped put my mind at rest a little! He will be due for a hv visit at around 2.5 so I may as well wait until he has that appt.
we will start putting into practise what you have said about saying two words together and worry less about the numbers and colours at the moment, I think I just felt that is friends are much more advanced at the same age with speech and numbers etc so I was getting worried that he was falling behind.
We stopped doing groups as he often prefers to just do whatever he feels like rather than joining in as I feel he lacks some understanding of what he is supposed to do, if that makes sense. I do have to tenement that he is only two and every child is different but when I see other children who are more advanced it makes me feel like I have failed him.
Will persevere with the speech for now and hopefully everything else will follow
Thanks again for your advice

Basicbrown Sat 28-May-16 08:23:18

12 months is very young for both pointing and using words meaningfully. Out of my two dd1's first word was at about 15 months (I can't remember pointing), dd2 spoke a bit earlier but definitely wasnt pointing until around 15 months because I'd read that 12 month thing and worried myself over it so I remember. They were both toddlers who by 20 months people were commenting on their 'advanced' speech and dd1 got exceeding for communication in reception.

So I wouldn't worry for a few weeks at least.

Basicbrown Sat 28-May-16 08:26:16

And dont forget there is a lot of wishful thinking on this, people hear 'dada' and decide it is meaningful when you have interpreted it as babbling....

Datingbarb Sat 28-May-16 09:01:29

My dad is 20 months and really has no words except ma/mum.

I took her to see a speech therapist at our local children's centre (they offer a drop in clinic once a month)

The speech therapist agreed that her speech is delayed (should have 20 words by now and 50 by 2 years confused)but that her understanding is advanced for her age.

Dd communicates well she points make noises and uses gestures etc but just will not talk.

The therapist really wasn't to worried as she has such good understanding but They have referred her to have her hearing checked and if that comes back fine they don't want to see her again until she is two and by then they would like her to have 20 words instead of the usual 50

Did was a surprise baby, being a single mum with 3 older girls (13,11,9) did in affect has 4 mums she has never wanted for anything as her sisters just run around after her... X she doesn't need to talk blush

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